Internet Business Consultant
I grew up in Germany as the youngest of 7 children. I always had passion for computers, designing and creating. I was always in charge of designing the football kits for my team and so when it comes to web design, it comes naturally to me.

I did some exchange study in School in France and some University exchange study in Great Britain. These experiences helped me build a network of friends and colleagues, which eventually blossomed into a team up between Pierre (my french exchange) and I creating Web-Netz.net in 2012. After many holidays between France, Germany and Great Britain, we added John (My British exchange) to the team in 2013.

Since 2013, we have grown into a company viewed all around the globe every day. We have loved the adventure to create Web-netz.net, so we hope you enjoy your adventure while you are visiting us.

Alessandro Coschignano