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4 Major SEO Challenges For Small Websites

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SEO Challenges

SEO, or search engine optimisation can be difficult for small websites. They simply don’t have the capacity or the amount of content needed to compete with the major players in the online space, and this can lead to a number of major challenges.

Unfortunately, these challenges can cause smaller websites to suffer, ultimately leading to poor search engine rankings and low traffic. Some of the biggest SEO challenges for small websites include:

  1. Local SEO Optimisation:

A lot of small business websites don’t realise how important it is to optimise their sites for their location. Since a lot of small websites are meant to be complementary to an offline business, it is very important to target your content to people who live in your area. This means that you should use location specific keywords.

However, if you live in a major city or built up area, location related keywords can become quite competitive. This means that you may find it hard to rank highly for them, especially if you are competing against larger businesses with a bigger online marketing budget.